Jeff Kuria Speaks On Dating His Mpango Wa Kando ‘Shix Kapienga’

“Ido not know her any other way and Shixs and I have never been romantically involved.” – Jeff Kuria

Inooro FM moderator Jeff Kuria has denied dating tv girl Shix Kapienga.

Through his YouTube channel, Jeff explained the suspicion that has been held by many.

“I met her in 2010 at the National Theatre. I later met her at Royal media services.

I however know her family, we are simply companions friends if you may. I don’t know her any other way ,Shixs and I have never been romantically involved,” Jeff said.

Her reaction was that she is hanging tight for God’s timing.

“It’s God’s plan if he ( a man) comes he will come if not it’s OK.

Nairobi is terrible, you can’t simply talk anyone you might assume you are talking to someone yet you are talking to yourself.”

On whether being at the center of attention makes people fear her, she said

“Once in a while yeah. Some times you might find you are not in the dating phase. Other times you find you cannot date some people so you just friend zone them.”