Andrew Kibe:Siezi Apologize mimi ,ukweli ni Madem Wajaluo Na Waluhya Wako Na Sura Mbaya sana

Controversial figure Andrew Kibe, originating from the USA, recently addressed the uproar surrounding demands for him to issue a public apology to the Luhya tribe. This controversy stemmed from his prior remarks wherein he asserted that women belonging to the Luhya tribe lack attractiveness.

In a live podcast on YouTube, Kibe remained resolute in his position, showing no signs of remorse for his statements regarding Luhya women. He reiterated his belief that Luhya women do not rank among the top tribes with the most attractive women in Kenya, and he stood by his assertion without offering any apologies.

While acknowledging the positive trait of cleanliness associated with Luhya women, Kibe emphasized their adeptness in taking care of their spouses. Nonetheless, he maintained his viewpoint that in terms of facial aesthetics and beauty, Luhya women do not measure up to women from other tribes.

Expanding on his controversial commentary, Kibe also included Luo women in his critique, describing them as both unattractive and impolite. He further suggested that only Luo men can handle the perceived disrespect exhibited by Luo women, characterizing the tribe as having women who lack attractiveness and manners.

Conversely, Kibe lavished praise on Taita, Maasai, Kikuyu, and Kisii women, asserting that these tribes are home to the most attractive women in Kenya. He argued that this perception is widely accepted among Kenyans, implying that there is no need for him to reiterate it. Kibe concluded by urging the Luo and Luhya tribes to acknowledge the idea that they have women who do not meet his standards of attractiveness.