“Be Nice Kings”- Loise Kim Tells Kenyan Men To Treat Their Wives, Side-Chick’s As Queen’s.

Celebrated Kikuyu Gospel musician, Loise Kim has come out with a rather strong request to men on how to be nice to the ladies in their lives.

Kim on a post seen by Murang’a Newspaper said that as much as men want to prove themselves to ladies, lies will never work.

She also went on to request men to never make a lady cry due to pain inflicted but make them cry due to the joy of being loved and cared for.

“If you love her, never fill her ears with lies, her mouth wiptb words, her eyes with tears, her mind with confusion or her heart with pain. Pls Kings, be nice,” she said.

Notably, in a past post, Kim had told single mothers to introduce their kids to the dads saying that it is not right to lie to the child that the dad is dead whereas he is still alive.

She noted that it is the child’s right to know their father despite the differences between the mother and the dad that lead to the separation.