'Cash Crop Za Nyandarua Ni Mawaru' Hit Maker Ngesh, Gets Her Teeth Fixed (braces) -

‘Cash Crop Za Nyandarua Ni Mawaru’ Hit Maker Ngesh, Gets Her Teeth Fixed (braces)

Ngesh, a super fast emerging Gengetone artist also known as Bad Gal wa Vasha, is now sporting a beaming smile thanks to a dental care facility that offered to enhance her teeth.

In a delightful video shared on social media, Ngesh can be seen happily displaying her new braces.

Ever since Ngesh went viral, Kenyans on social media have been subjecting her to trolling due to the arrangement of her front teeth. Some individuals even took to sharing videos of themselves mocking her as they danced along to her viral song.

Ngesh captivated the attention of Kenyans with her songs featuring unique lyrics. At the age of 22, she has composed catchy tracks that incorporate distinctive lines like:

  • “Cash crop ya nyandarua ni Mawaru.”
  • “Kuku hana haga lakini anataga.”
  • “Ninamwaga kamasi na sivai kamisi.”
  • “Utanunua bundles ama ovacado.”

As an internet sensation, Ngesh has been receiving offers from enthusiastic Kenyan fans who appreciate her art. Kenyan businessman Kiddo generously gifted her Ksh 20,000 and expressed interest in sponsoring her upcoming audio and video projects.

Additionally, Ngesh received a complimentary hair makeover from Ezmohaircentre.

Hailing from Nakuru, Ngesh is the youngest in her family, having three brothers with whom she collaborates in creating music.

She is a member of the recently formed music group called “Spider Clan,” which came together earlier this year.