“My new friend told me that corrupt Ruto pocketed billions of bribes in SGR construction”- Uhuru’s New Friend, Raila Says.

ODM Party leader, Raila Odinga has come out with allegations that Ruto is a wolf in sheep’s clothe.

Raila, who was speaking in Mombasa on Saturday cautioned Kenyans against voting for Deputy President, William Ruto sighting corruption.

Odinga also told Kenyans to think hard and ask themselves where Ruto gets the loads of cash that he donates to churches.

“He wants to do harambees for women groups and youth groups with cash stuffed in sacks.”

“He goes to church. Then they say he respects God. But he is coming with your money. You are being bought with money stolen,” the former prime minister said.

“This project called SGR was our project. We are the ones who started the project. We designed it and planned everything.”

“We tendered and awarded the contract for $2.7 billion (about Sh270 billion). When they (Jubilee) took over, they canceled that and started a new one. They awarded a tender at $3.6 billion, then it went up to 4.3 billion,” he said.