“Mungu Hapendi Umbea Ata”: Mitchelle Ntalami Claps Back At Ankali Ray After He Doubted Her Salvation

Business entrepreneur Mitchelle Ntalami recently addressed remarks made by media personality Ankali Ray regarding her spiritual journey. In a public exchange, Ray questioned Ntalami’s commitment to her faith, prompting Ntalami to affirm her dedication to Christianity.

Ntalami acknowledged her transformation and avowed her faith in Christ. However, she expressed discomfort with Ray’s probing into her personal beliefs, emphasizing that God disapproves of gossip.

Having chosen to share her spiritual journey openly, Ntalami felt that Ray’s skepticism was unwarranted. She encouraged others to focus on their own paths to enlightenment rather than engaging in idle speculation.

Reflecting on her past, Ntalami admitted to living a life contrary to her current beliefs, particularly referencing past relationships. She credited her newfound faith with guiding her away from sinful behavior.

In response to Ray’s insinuations, Ntalami urged him to examine his own conduct and refrain from gossip, reminding him of its spiritual implications. She emphasized the importance of self-reflection and alignment with divine principles.