“Unayonga?” Pritty Vishy’s Mom Reveals She’s Suffering Over 4 Years Of Dry-spell

In the video, Pritty Vishy openly discusses with her mother, who works in Saudi Arabia, about her life as a single woman and how she copes without a partner to fulfill her physical needs.

Pritty Vishy’s mother responds to her daughter’s question with a sense of pride and understanding. She explains that although companionship is important, women can lead fulfilling and independent lives even without intimate relationships, especially in the circumstances she faces while working in the Gulf.

Pritty Vishy asks her mother over the phone, “It’s been four years without a man, and you’re a human being. How do you manage? Or are you part of a team that abstains?”

Working in Saudi Arabia, a country with its unique cultural norms, has provided Pritty’s mother with opportunities to learn new things, including the impact of social media on one’s life. She shares an incident where a video she posted on TikTok caused her to lose her job and is still causing problems in her current job.

The mother and daughter share a close and open relationship, though it is evident that some of what they do on camera is for attention and views.

Pritty Vishy gained popularity through her relationship with rapper Stevo Simple Boy. Recently, she revealed details about her past relationships, including the fact that she has been married three times before.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, Vishy shared the challenges she faced in her three failed marriages, revealing that two of her husbands were already married at the time. Her first marriage took place when she was in class seven, and unfortunately, her first husband was involved in criminal activities, associating himself with a gang.