Betty Kyallo’s 21-Year-Old Boyfriend Surprises Her with a Ksh 120,000 JBL Soundbar , Days After Gifting Her Ksh 550,000 TV

Betty Kyallo’s 21-year-old boyfriend has once again sparked conversation among Kenyans by surprising the TV 47 news anchor with a lavish gift.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Kyallo expressed her gratitude to her young partner for gifting her a JBL soundbar, valued at Sh 120,000.

Betty shared her long-standing desire for a soundbar and praised her boyfriend for his generosity and effort in surprising her with such an expensive gift.

“Another one. Babe is overworking,” the single mother of one wrote. “Always wanted a soundbar. Babe atulie sasa. Nice surprise,” she added, showcasing the high-end gadget.

Although details about Betty’s boyfriend are still scarce, she confirmed in an interview that she is no longer single.

In a candid conversation with Ali Hassan Kauleni on Bahari Ya Elimu, Betty expressed her joy in her current relationship.

“My husband is from the western region. I am settled now and I feel happy,” Kyallo said.

Betty also shared her perspective on dating in her 30s, highlighting its benefits.

“Women in their thirties make very good partners in relationships because we have a lot of experience. We have been through a lot in life.”

She openly admitted that she naturally becomes more submissive when she is in love.

“Nikikupenda nafanya kila kitu. Nakupikia, nakupigia magoti, massage nakufanyia. Lakini yote ni kama nakupenda. Kama sikupendi siwezi fanya izo vitu zote.”

This translates to, “When I love a man, I do everything for him. I cook, I kneel for you, I massage the man, anything. But I have to love you in order to do all this.”