Shameless KISII Town Man Impregnates His Own Mother-In-Law

A sensational turn of events unfolded within the opulent confines of Kisii Estate when a man shockingly admitted to impregnating his wife’s mother.

Julius Nyabonyi, the father-in-law in question, revealed that his suspicions were aroused when his wife conveyed the news of her pregnancy. Intrigued and perplexed by this revelation, especially since he had discreetly opted for male birth control (implants) without his wife’s knowledge, Samson sought clarification.

“I decided to get the implant because I didn’t want to expand our family. So, when my wife disclosed her pregnancy, I knew she had breached our marital vows,” Nyabonyi shared with the Murang’a Newspaper.

Confronting his wife upon learning of her pregnancy, Nyabonyi discovered that she had indeed been unfaithful. However, she remained reticent about the identity of the man responsible for the pregnancy. Faced with the looming threat of divorce, she eventually summoned Momanyi, the son-in-law, and their daughter. Initially, Nyabonyi believed they were pleading on her behalf.

To his utter astonishment, the mother-in-law admitted to having a relationship with her son-in-law when they all convened. In response, Nyabonyi called upon both their clan members, along with his and his wife’s families, to address the grave situation.

Following extensive consultations with the elders, a decision was reached that the woman must undergo a legal abortion, adhering to both government procedures and Kisii customs. Given the abominable nature of the situation within the Kisii community, the family is mandated to undergo rigorous cleansing rituals to avert a looming calamity.