Gloria: Every Man I’ve Dated Dies in Just 3 Months After twatwa!, 5 Men Have Died After Dating Me

In a deeply poignant video, Gloria, hailing from Katindo in Goma Town, Democratic Republic of the Congo, shared a harrowing reality that defied comprehension….CONTINUE READING

She recounted a haunting pattern: every romantic relationship she embarked upon resulted in the tragic demise of her partner within a mere three months. This inexplicable and devastating cycle had claimed the lives of five men thus far.

Gloria’s journey commenced in her youth, born into affluence with dreams akin to many – to build a family of her own. Yet, as she matured, an unforeseen twist of fate altered the trajectory of her life irrevocably.

“It’s hard for me to speak about this. I yearned for marriage, children, and a stable family, but fate had other plans,” Gloria revealed during an interview with Afrimax English.

She recounted her first love, a blissful two months cut short by tragedy. Just a month into their marriage, her husband met with a fatal accident.

“It was an ordinary day; he left for work as usual, but fate had a different script. He was involved in a fatal accident,” Gloria painfully reminisced.

In the aftermath, she found solace in the belief that it was part of a divine plan.

“My life became a struggle, joy slipping away. Acceptance came gradually, accompanied by a semblance of happiness,” she reflected.

Subsequently, another relationship blossomed, only to end in sorrow as her fiancé succumbed to illness three months after their plans to build a life together.

“At this point, fear began to grip me. It was the second time, yet blame eluded me. We never had major conflicts,” Gloria admitted.

Questions of a curse or an inherent flaw haunted her as subsequent relationships met similar tragic ends.

Determined to break free from the cycle, Gloria resolved to shun romantic entanglements.

“I fought against falling in love again. I remained single for a while, reclaiming my life,” she asserted.

Despite her resolve, she cautiously entered a fifth relationship, hoping that time had healed her wounds and prepared her for happiness.

“We had three good months together. I believed we were safe, but fate had other designs. My husband fell ill suddenly and passed away,” she recounted, her pain palpable.

In the wake of such relentless grief, Gloria turned to her faith, seeking solace and answers from a higher power.