Pritty Vishy: Babangu Alikuwa ‘Fisi’ ,I Call Him Bro because he used to EAT my Mum’s Sister ROSECOCO and dumped us.

Pritty Vishy is among the most controversial female content creators in Kenya. She is always trending because of her statements and her boldiness. Every Month she usually reveal some controversial secrets or even make some statements that makes her trend.

During her latest interview at Tuko Extra. Pritty Vishy decided to reveal her dark past and why she isn’t in good terms with her biological father. Pritty said that her dad dumped her mum together with her and her younger sister, when they were still very young. The main reason why her dad and mum parted ways , was because of the immoral behaviour’s of her father.

Vishy openly said that her father used to salivate at all beautiful ladies. It reached to an extend whereby, he used to get intimate , with her mother’s sister infront of pritty and her younger sister. This led to the split of the family and since then Pritty and her dad have never been in good terms. Pritty said that whenever her father calls her via phone, she usually refer to him as bro because of being a deadbeat dad.

The socialite said that she doesn’t want to associate herself with her father anymore, she cursed him and she will never need him again. She said if it is dowry payment, her mother will collect it . Generally she doesn’t want to be linked to her father again.