“Hakuwa anajulikana kama Mimi” : Pritty Vishy, I Made Stivo Simple Boy Famous

In response to the accusations that she used Stivo Simple Boy as a means to gain fame and relevance, Pritty Vishy, an emerging socialite and content creator, has chosen to address the matter head-on.

During an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Pritty claimed that only a few people are aware of her significant role in shaping Stivo Simple Boy into the person he is today.

According to Pritty, Stivo was facing numerous challenges under his previous management, enduring humiliation and financial struggles despite his fame. Recognizing his plight, she bravely decided to bring his suffering to the public’s attention. The story quickly went viral, leading to the intervention of new management, who came to the rescue of Simple Boy.

Pritty emphasized that if she had remained silent, Stivo would likely still be living a destitute life in Kibera. However, she expressed disappointment that Stivo has never expressed gratitude for her actions. Instead, he consistently tarnishes her name in every interview he gives.

Addressing their personal relationship, Vishy asserted, “I no longer concern myself with him. Since our breakup, I have no business with him. In the event that things go wrong with his new management, I will not extend my help to him again.”

Note: The original essay contained grammatical errors and inconsistencies. I have revised and clarified the content while preserving the original message.