Gengetone Artist FatherMoh Confirms Breakup of Mbuzi Gang

Popular gengetone artist, Fathermoh, has recently confirmed that the well-known gengetone group he was a part of, Mbuzi Gang, is no longer together.

During a Q&A session with fans on Instagram, one of the followers inquired about the current status of Mbuzi Gang, as it had been quite some time since the group released any new music. In response to the query, Fathermoh revealed that he is no longer associated with the group.

Initially, Mbuzi Gang consisted of talented musicians Joefes, Ipholish, and Fathermoh, all of whom were signed under Black Marker Records.

The group’s journey began years ago when Joefes crossed paths with Ipholish at a high school event called ‘funkie.’ This encounter sparked an instant friendship between the two, leading them to attend the same university. In 2018, Joefes released his debut song.

Then in 2019, Fathermoh, in pursuit of opportunities in the music industry, connected with Joefes and joined Mbuzi Gang.

Their songs “Wagithomo” and “ShamraShamra” featuring Mejja gained significant attention and thrust the group into the limelight.

However, Mbuzi Gang faced some challenges last year when they were involved in an accident. This unfortunate incident led to tensions among the members, and they resorted to blaming each other for the mishap. Joefes took to his Instagram stories, expressing frustration and pointing fingers at Fathermoh, alleging that he was responsible for damaging their car, which was only four months old at the time.

As it often happens with many bands, the members may decide to go their separate ways to focus on individual careers. Mbuzi Gang became one of the many groups that disbanded, leaving fans nostalgic about their music and contribution to the gengetone genre.