Tears as 13 Mai Mahiu dam flood tragedy victims are buried, 37 people still missing

Emotions surged through the atmosphere in Mai Mahiu, Naivasha, as the community bid farewell to 13 of the 61 individuals who tragically lost their lives in a devastating flooding incident two weeks ago.

Tears cascaded down the cheeks of grieving relatives and friends as they grappled with the profound loss of their loved ones. The anguish was particularly acute for those 37 individuals still unaccounted for, whose absence weighed heavily on the hearts of their families, prompting an outpouring of sorrow.

Among the 13 laid to rest, three were children, compounding the anguish of their families. Meanwhile, distraught relatives of the missing appealed to the government for assistance in locating and retrieving the bodies of their beloved.

A collective memorial service took place at Kamucira village, near the site of the tragedy, providing a space for communal mourning before each family proceeded to inter their departed members privately. This solemn occasion followed a requiem mass led by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and other leaders, during which affected families received financial aid ranging from Sh150,000 to Sh200,000 to aid in burial arrangements.

Naivasha Member of Parliament Jane Kihara pledged ongoing governmental support for the bereaved as they endeavored to rebuild their lives in the wake of the catastrophe. Kihara herself expressed profound emotional distress, grappling with the magnitude of the loss, which included 15 minors.

The tragedy left an indelible mark on the survivors, who mourned not only the loss of lives but also the destruction of their homes and possessions. Esther Njeri, who mourned the loss of two relatives, described the incident as the darkest day for the affected families, many of whom continue to grapple with the trauma of the harrowing experience.

Recognizing the profound psychological impact on surviving minors, Njeri urged educators to extend understanding and support to students who may struggle to return to school. Francis Mungai echoed this sentiment, praising plans for the resettlement of victims and advocating for a thorough assessment of the incident site to prevent future tragedies.

As the community navigates the complex process of healing and recovery, there is a collective hope that such a calamity will never again visit such devastation upon another family.