Dr Ofweneke: “Yes, Diana B and I Have Something Going on…”

Dr. Ofweneke, also known as Sande Bush, has clarified his relationship with Diana Marua, dispelling rumors and setting the record straight. The comedian and TV presenter explained that their association is strictly professional, as they co-host the reality TV show ‘Mr Right.’ His comments were prompted by online bloggers who misinterpreted their on-screen chemistry and created unnecessary gossip.

During an interview on Tuesday, Dr. Ofweneke directly addressed the gossipmongers and urged them to show respect for people’s marriages. He candidly stated, “I want to say this directly to your faces. Please switch on your cameras. Yes, Diana B and I have something going on. We are working together. I want to emphasize, guys, that I am only going to say this once. I understand the need for views and trends in online journalism, but let us also be extremely mindful of respecting people’s marriages.”

Dr. Ofweneke made it clear that he is happily married, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to his own marital union. He also expressed his respect for Diana Marua’s marriage to Bahati, recognizing the growth of the young man within the gospel industry. “As Dr. Ofweneke, I am contentedly married—bold italics underline. I also hold a deep respect for Diana B’s marriage to Bahati because he is a young man whom we have witnessed evolve in the gospel industry. While we search for clickbait headlines, let’s not forget the importance of being discerning and considerate,” he added.