Hii Ni Ya Sponyo? Questions As Betty Kyallo Shows Off Ksh7.2 Million Muscle Car (Photos)

In a recent social media post, Betty, a mother of one, proudly showcased her impressive muscle car, capturing the attention of her followers. Accompanied by the caption, “How you arrive actually matters🐎,” she emphasized the significance of making a grand entrance.

Valued at a staggering Ksh7.2 million, the Ford Mustang that Betty exhibited is one of the few muscle cars seen on the roads of Kenya. It’s important to note that the term “muscle car” encompasses a wide range of powerful and high-performance vehicles.

Although some netizens questioned whether Betty owned the American-made machine or if it was provided by a sponsor, it is well within her means to purchase the car herself. Betty is a serial entrepreneur, successfully managing multiple multimillion-shilling businesses in Nairobi City.

Her entrepreneurial journey began with Flair with Betty, a renowned beauty parlour. Encouraged by its success, she expanded her ventures to include four additional businesses: Aftershave, Magic Business Centre, and Betty Kyallo Closet. Each of these enterprises has thrived under Betty’s astute leadership.

Furthermore, Betty has ventured into the restaurant industry, establishing a flourishing eatery in the upscale Karen suburb of Nairobi. Despite the Summer House’s official launch on November 18, 2022, the restaurant had already been operational for approximately three months, ensuring its steady growth and popularity.