Gidi Gidi Blown Away By The Huge Size Of Khaligraph’s 4-Storey Mansion 

“I’m constructing a grand mansion as a testament to fellow musicians about the benefits of investing,” Khalligraph confidently stated.

As Radio Jambo presenter Gidi Gidi was driving, he caught sight of Khaligraph’s colossal mansion, still in the process of being built. Intrigued, he decided to make a stop and explore the property, only to be awestruck by its immense size, resembling more of an apartment complex than a traditional house.

“Today, while returning to Nairobi, I chose to take the new route from Suswa through Ngong and Karen before reaching Nairobi. Along the way, near Karen (for the sake of privacy, I won’t disclose the exact location), I decided to visit some plots of land I had purchased several years ago. It has been over six years since my last visit,” Gidi Gidi shared.

“As I was inspecting the area, I noticed a colossal structure emerging next door. I asked one of the security guards about the building, assuming it was an apartment complex. To my surprise, he informed me that it was not an apartment but a four-story house, and it belonged to the artist Khaligraph Jones. Intrigued, I approached for a closer look, confirming that it was indeed a magnificent house still undergoing construction. I was amazed and wondered which artist had undertaken such an ambitious project. The security guard revealed that it was Khaligraph Jones,” Gidi Gidi recounted.

“In disbelief, I immediately messaged Khaligraph, and he confirmed that the property indeed belonged to him. I couldn’t contain my excitement, not only because he was going to be my neighbor but also because of how this hardworking artist had chosen to invest in a home. During my music career, it was unimaginable for us to accumulate enough wealth to consider purchasing land in such affluent neighborhoods,” Gidi Gidi exclaimed.

“I believe that the advent of the digital space and increased commercial opportunities have allowed artists to earn more from their craft. However, it is through sheer determination and hard work that one can fully capitalize on those opportunities. Khaligraph Jones epitomizes hard work, and I’m delighted that my friend is setting new standards,” Gidi Gidi continued.

“To my fellow artists, I urge you to invest while you are at the pinnacle of your success. The music industry is ever-changing, and trends come and go. Don’t squander your earnings on fleeting pleasures, only to find yourself relying on handouts someday. Instead, focus on leveraging all the opportunities associated with your brand. Follow in the footsteps of Khaligraph Jones! I commend you, my brother, for inspiring the next generation,” Gidi Gidi praised.

“Disclaimer: Khaligraph has given his consent to share these pictures. Personally, I don’t possess the means to construct a mansion like Khaligraph’s. Perhaps, I will charge an entrance fee for my humble abode, allowing visitors to catch a glimpse of Khaligraph’s impressive residence. 😂🙌 Be inspired,” Gidi Gidi concluded.

Prior to this, Khaligraph had expressed his intention to build a magnificent mansion as a means of demonstrating to other artists the importance of saving and investing wisely.