The Rise And Fall Of Jimmy Gait: From An Apex Singer To A Househelp Dealer Sending Girls To Saudi Arabia

Jimmy Gait, once a highly acclaimed gospel singer in Kenya, has faced a significant decline in his career, leading to his current financial struggles. In his prime, Gait’s music resonated with audiences, dominating the airwaves with chart-topping hits like “Kuna Day,” “Huratiti,” and “Furi Furi Dance.”

During his heyday, he enjoyed immense popularity and was sought-after by prominent corporations in Kenya. Notably, Gait even featured the late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore in his song “Furi Furi Dance.” His connections extended to the country’s top leadership, including the president, showcasing his influence and recognition.

However, Gait’s once-glittering career lost its luster, and even the media turned their backs on him, diminishing his public presence.

Recently, Gait reemerged into the public eye when Eric Omondi criticized him for allegedly involving himself in questionable activities, such as selling computers online and facilitating the migration of girls to Saudi Arabia. Omondi voiced concerns about the welfare of these girls, given the reports of abuses and risks they face in Saudi Arabia. Despite Omondi’s scathing remarks, this attention has inadvertently shone the spotlight on Gait once again.

Following the incident, the media approached Gait for his response. He explained that he had been on leave and claimed that God had been preparing him for a comeback. Expressing his gratitude for his fans and the industry, Gait expressed his eagerness to return to the music scene, emphasizing his continued dedication to ministry and teaching the word of God.

Regarding claims that the gospel industry is on the decline, Gait remained optimistic, considering it as a temporary phase that will eventually pass.

It’s worth noting that Gait has not released any new music in the past two years, and even his previous releases failed to garner significant attention. Despite his persistent efforts to regain his former success, the question remains whether Jimmy Gait will be able to revive his career and regain his lost momentum. Only time will reveal the outcome.