“Unajua DNA Si Kazi Rahisi” KRG Reveals Why Snubbed DNA Test With His Alleged Daughter -

“Unajua DNA Si Kazi Rahisi” KRG Reveals Why Snubbed DNA Test With His Alleged Daughter

“Why does KRG deny his child? Why does he claim not to remember me? I don’t think it’s possible to have a child with someone and not remember them,” these were some of the questions that KRG’s alleged baby mama intended to ask him if he had shown up for a DNA test with his alleged 19-year-old daughter, Yvonne.

Initially, KRG had agreed to take the test and even promised to support Yvonne regardless of the results.

Yvonne and her mother, Susan, waited the entire day for the musician. At the start of their interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, KRG was contacted and claimed that he was only 10 minutes away from their location. Little did they know that he would never arrive.

“He has disappointed us; we have been waiting for him since six o’clock,” lamented Susan Kinyanjui when KRG failed to show up.

Susan maintained that she was not lying about KRG being Yvonne’s father. She emphasized that she was only advocating for her daughter’s interests and well-being and was not seeking any personal benefits.

“If he acknowledges her, he should take responsibility for raising this child for the past 19 years. It’s not easy,” she said.

However, KRG has now explained why he failed to meet the mother and daughter despite his promise to undergo the DNA test.

During an interview with YouTuber 2mbili, KRG stated that he missed the DNA test because he had to attend an urgent meeting and handle personal matters.

He also assured that he would address the matter now that he is back in town.

“I am going to meet those children who claim to be mine. I went to talk to the necessary parties to ensure a smooth reception for new family members. DNA testing is not an easy task. Additionally, I was called for an emergency meeting and had to rush to deal with my own matters. But now that I am back, we will resolve this issue,” KRG said.