'Hii imeenda!' Mungai Eve lover reacts as Harmonize flirts with her -

‘Hii imeenda!’ Mungai Eve lover reacts as Harmonize flirts with her

On February 4, Tanzanian star Harmonize took to the stage in Embu for his first performance in the country this year. Fans eagerly awaited his arrival, camping outside the packed venue. Harmonize promised to come back to Embu with a larger venue for his next show.

Director Trevor created a light moment when harmonize showed appreciation for his girlfriend, Eve Mungai. Eve had shared a post reminding her fans that she would be at the harmonize concert, to which the singer responded by calling her “Queen.” Director Trevor made a lighthearted comment, “Hii imeenda! (She’s taken).”

Eve and Director Trevor recently celebrated their 5th anniversary, with Eve expressing her eternal love for her boyfriend. She had the chance to meet her fans in Embu and wrote about the heartwarming experience on her Instagram.

Overall, harmonize’s performance in Embu was a huge success, thrilling fans and promising to come back with a larger venue next time.