Most of the times, many tend people believe that celebrities engage in sexual relations all the time since they are famous. However, some celebrities choose to be celibate for personal reasons or after a nasty break up. Here is a list of Kenyan celebrities who are currently practicing celibacy or were celibate before marriage.

Comedian YY

Kenyan comic Oliver Otieno, alias YY is among Kenyan celebrities who chose to abstain from sex. Speaking during a past interview, the comedian said he is a celibate and waiting for the right woman, further disclosing that he is a virgin and waiting till marriage. “Sex before marriage. I can’t do that. I want to be celibate. I’m waiting till marriage because I believe good things take time. I’m a virgin. I’m willing to date but only if my partner will wait as well and I know that’s hard so that’s why I’m single as well,” said YY.

TV host Robert Burale

Pastor and TV host Robert Burale started practicing celibacy in 2013 after going separate ways with his wife Rozinah Mwakideu.  Speaking during an interview, he noted that he decided to celibate as his body is the temple of the Lord, adding that sex outside marriage is a sin. “I decided to be a celibate because I am a believer in God’s word and I would not want to defile my body which is the temple of the lord. Sex outside marriage is a sin and God has called me to purity and I am a man under submission to God’s authority. Being celibate has paid off and when I get married, I will revenge,” said Burale.

On how he manages to avoid temptations, the pastor said he relies on prayers and avoiding places that might make him fall into temptations easily. “Temptations is part of life. The secret is in prayer and also avoiding spaces that can make you fall into temptation. Also, by God’s grace I have managed to master my emotions. I have also resolved to walk that path,” he added.

Vlogger Lisa Gaitho

In 2019, vlogger Lisa Gaitho made headlines after breaking up with her Nigerian boyfriend and opted to celibate. The vlogger ended the relationship and flew back home from Nigeria, adding that it took her time to realize that she was treated her boyfriend as an idol.

I was praying and fasting around October, September last year; you know when you hear something so clearly like you cannot even doubt it? That is what it was. It was telling me no, this is not the relationship that I have for you. It may look perfect, good and you may be seeing through those tinted glasses but this is what I have for you.”

adding, “When I was reading the Bible, the story of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego, God showed me that bowing down is not just to the king. It’s compromising. And I said if I have sex and ignore what God is saying I would be bowing down to my idol and at this time, this man had become my idol,” said Gaitho. The break up came months after the vlogger urged women to bathe their men.

Singer Cece Sagini

Singer Cece Sagini is among Kenyan female celebrities who practised celibacy till marriage. Sharing her story on their YouTube channel, the singer explained that she chose celibacy because of the issues that sexual intercourse caused to her well being and spiritual being, noting that she would get so attached and find herself in wrong situations.

Both of us had already had sex before and I knew the issues it causes to your well being and spiritual being. For me my experience was, I would get so attached and find myself in the wrong situations, it would take so much, people say women we take so much and when you include sex into a relationship you can take a lot including mental abuse apart from physical and you wonder why you are staying there.

Which I did experience something close to that so when I was coming from that to a new relationship, with Victor I said we need to know Christ in depth and I need to understand myself more. You need to figure yourself first before bring someone else so that it does not become a routine in every relationship and you lose so much value as a woman. I did that and by the time I met Victor he was also thinking about celibacy,” she said.