UHURU and RAILA have never experienced poverty or slept hungry like I have! RUTO now claims ahead of August polls.

Deputy President William Ruto has warned Nairobians against trusting President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM pioneer Raila Odinga with their votes come August.

Talking during Kenya Kwanza rallies, Ruto asked the city residebts not to elect Raila as the fifth President since he is Uhuru’s project.

He noted that they don’t have the foggiest idea what ordinary Kenyans need since they have never experienced poverty by virtue of being born in wealth.

As indicated by Ruto, Uhuru and Raila have no knowledge of the fundamental needs of ordinary Kenyans who are struggling to make ends meet.

He noted Uhuru and his handshake accomplice were amending the constitution to create jobs to help few elites,thus burdening kenya.

“Mimi nataka niwaambie, wale handshake brothers’ hawajawahi kutafuta kazi hata siku moja. Hawajawahi kulala njaa siku moja. Wale handshake brothers hawaelewei umaskini ni nini. Ndio maana tukisema tupangie kazi vijana hawaelewi, wanasema tubadilishe katiba kwanza,”

“I want to tell you, the handshake brothers have never looked for a job. They have never gone to bed without food. They don’t even understand what poverty is. That’s why when we say we should create jobs for the youths, they prioritize amendment of the Constitution,” Ruto said.