Dj Fatxo Talks On Being Bought Ksh.3.9 Million Mercedes Benz By Sabina Chege.

Renowned Mugithi Superstar DJ Fatxo recently opened up about his recent acquisition, a brand-new Mercedes Benz, sharing the intricate details of its purchase with his dedicated fanbase. Speculation had been rife, suggesting that Sabina Chege might have been the benefactor behind this luxury vehicle. However, in an exclusive interview with 2mbili, the artist emphatically disclosed that he was the sole purchaser.

DJ Fatxo disclosed that his sleek Mercedes Benz carries a price tag of KSH 3.9 million, and the funds for this purchase were derived from a combination of his savings and earnings from his flourishing music career. He emphasized that acquiring the car was a personal milestone and a special self-gift in recognition of his unwavering dedication and hard work.

Addressing rumors surrounding his relationship with Sabina Chege, DJ Fatxo clarified that there is no romantic involvement between them. He emphasized his profound respect for Sabina as a leader and politician, highlighting that their connection is purely platonic, revolving around discussions related to business matters.

Adding another layer to the narrative, DJ Fatxo revealed that his manager, Mutema, shares a familial connection with Sabina Chege. However, he urged the public to refrain from concocting baseless stories, underscoring that their association is one of friendship, not romantic entanglement. DJ Fatxo earnestly called for an end to speculative narratives, urging everyone to appreciate the genuine nature of their friendship.