Sad as Man Quits Well-Paying Job to Save His Marriage, Only to End Up Losing Both

In September of 2015, Isaac Mugo was confronted with a life-altering decision, setting in motion a tumultuous journey filled with regret and hardship. It was at that moment, sitting at his office desk, that he grappled with the decision to submit his resignation letter to his boss, unwittingly embarking on a path of joblessness that would persist for over seven long years.

The catalyst for this drastic action was the pervasive marital discord that had spilled over into his workplace, visibly affecting his work performance.

Mugo, as he recounted in a narrative published in the Nation newspaper, had been grappling with ongoing conflicts with his wife that had escalated to a breaking point in 2014.

In that fateful year, his wife made an unexpected appearance at his workplace, seeking an audience with his boss regarding a personal matter. This marked the beginning of a series of events that would dramatically reshape his life.

Upon returning to the office after a lunch break, Mugo was intercepted by a security guard who delivered unexpected news. Two women, one of whom claimed to be his wife, were waiting at the reception and were insistent on speaking with the HR department. This revelation left Mugo both astonished and bewildered.

Prior to this incident, Mugo had been grappling with his wife over several issues, and the persistent disagreements had begun to exact a toll on his work performance. These strains led him to make the monumental decision to resign from his high-paying job, a choice fueled by the deep-seated desire to restore harmony within his family.

However, when he handed in his resignation letter, his boss’s inquiries did not revolve around his dwindling work performance but the tumultuous confrontation at the office.

The situation took an even more surreal turn when the HR director contacted him to relay the startling news that his wife had requested to redirect his monthly pay to her account.

His wife leveled accusations at him, including neglecting the family, engaging in extramarital affairs at the office, failing to secure a medical insurance card for one of their children, and pretending to work longer hours than he did.

The aftermath of these events rendered Mugo in a toxic work environment, where he felt isolated and observed by his colleagues, with even the security guards gossiping about him.

The mounting stress and pressure pushed him to a point where he feared potential suspension or demotion at the office. As a result, Mugo made the gut-wrenching decision to quit his job, believing it would bring peace and tranquility back into his home.

However, this decision set off a chain of unintended consequences. His financial situation steadily worsened, and the inability to secure alternative employment forced him to downgrade his family’s lifestyle. Within three months, the financial strain became unbearable, necessitating a change in residence and his children’s transfer to more affordable schools. Ultimately, Mugo found himself unable to afford rent and had to return to his village.

The most heart-wrenching loss was the disintegration of his family. Alone and unemployed, Mugo yearned for his past life, as his attempt to restore family harmony only left him burdened with profound regrets.

Upon reflecting on his journey, Mugo lamented not seeking the counsel of a professional after the dramatic office incident. With proper guidance, he might have made a more informed decision, rather than sacrificing his sole source of income.