Akothee Finally Reveals Why She Will Never Date Another Man After Omosh’s Departure

Despite her previous candidness about actively seeking love, the artist Akothe has embarked on a different emotional journey, revealing that she has relinquished the pursuit of romance for the sake of her daughters.

The entrepreneur, who recently celebrated the establishment of the Akothee Foundation Academy, has declared that her decision to forego romantic relationships is driven by her unwavering commitment to channel all her energy into the school’s success. She stressed that she is fully dedicated to ensuring the school thrives to the extent that it becomes her sole focus, akin to a spouse.

“In terms of love, I can’t even define it anymore; it no longer aligns with my aspirations, and I’m not being insincere about it. I believe I’ve achieved mental stability. I feel like I’m a different person. This school will be my primary commitment, to be completely honest. I’m going to pour my heart and soul into making sure these children have everything they need to excel academically. I’ve set romance aside for my children,” Akothe expressed.

Nonetheless, she reminded people that she is not devoid of human emotions, and there may come a time when she craves love once more.

“But remember, I’m not made of stone; I have hormones and a beating heart in this body. I can’t just cast aside the possibility of future relationships; why should I let go of love?” Akothee confessed, her feelings once again becoming intertwined.

Previously, it was reported that Akothee had made her intentions clear about refraining from pursuing romantic entanglements, even though she has crossed the threshold of 40 years.

“If things don’t go as expected, we’ll return to square one. As I’ve said before, I’m not exiting the dating scene; I am the dating scene itself. Why would I walk away from my own market? We’ll simply cross paths there,” Akothee added.

“And here I am, just the way you see me; I’m still vibrant. I can’t depart from the dating scene entirely; I’ve merely shifted slightly to the side. The dating scene is still very much alive, and we’re refreshing and rejuvenating right there,” she emphasized.