EXPOSED! How Kenyans get conned into buying cheap ‘wilderness’ plots
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EXPOSED! How Kenyans get conned into buying cheap plots of land in the wilderness

Following a public outcry, we choose to expose on how thousands of Kenyans have been getting conned by land selling companies who allegedly sell cheap land on what they claim to be on prime areas.

“Somewhere far from Nairobi , there is cheap barren wilderness lying Idle .Then KJ of KJ Properties Ltd gets wind of it from his “investment scouts ”

KJ purchases 2 Acres of the land for Sh. 200,000 for each acre of land from the sole proprietor pretending to be working for a church based NGO. KJ Subdivides the land into 14 plots .

He intends to sell each plot for Sh. 350,000 . In the event that each plot is purchased ,KJ will make an abnormal profit of Sh. 4.5 million. Yet, how will he sell land in the middle of nowhere furthermore, to who?

Hire a 42 Seater mini van and fill it with 20 phonybuyers. Each phony buyer should come with one potential buyer adding up to 20 potential buyer . The tricking line is “TRANSPORT AND FOOD IS FREE ” Each fake buyer is paid Sh. 5,000 for every outing.

Altogether KJ spends generally Sh. 140,000 for every trip , that incorporates transport, food and fake buyers’ charges.

Once on site , the phony buyer should “show a lot of interest on the plots ” and the lion’s share will purchase quickly, giving out fake checks to KJ on the point for full amount of Sh. 350,000 .

The objective is to have in any event 2 potential buyers tricked into purchasing the plots . Altogether,KJ plans to have such trips atlist 7 times. such trips will however have different true buyers but the fake buyers most of the times remain the same.Toward the end KJ will have spent a sum of generally Sh. 1.4 million, including the cost of the land and phony fake trips , Making a killing of Sh. 3.5 million inside 2 months .

Whatever the purchasers will do with those bits of wild, it’s not KJ business to worry about.” THE SAD TRUTH YOU HAVE BEEN SCUMMED

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