Benny Hinn Issues Apology for Giving Fake Prophecies Months After Leaving Kenya

Israel-American televangelist Benny Hinn recently expressed deep regret over allowing false prophets to participate in his crusades.

In an interview with The Strang Report, Hinn candidly discussed his remorse for past mistakes in his ministry, highlighting his journey toward greater accountability and transparency.

Reflecting on his previous decisions, Hinn acknowledged that he had not always exercised wisdom in his prophetic ministry. “We all make mistakes. The two things I regret most in ministry are that I was not wise enough at times with prophecy,” Hinn admitted.

He explained that he had permitted guests at his crusades who made unfounded prophetic claims, which he now recognizes as damaging not only to his reputation but also to the lives of those who believed in these prophecies. “They went outside the boundaries of redemption. Anything outside of redemption is not prophecy. We should not allow that. I allowed it, and then I stopped. But that was years ago when I stopped.”

Hinn’s reflections come just months after his visit to Kenya, where he was invited by President William Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto to lead a mega crusade. During this event, which took place from February 24 to February 25, Hinn shared his message with thousands of attendees, including notable figures like Kenyan televangelist Pastor Ezekiel Odero.

The crusade was marked by powerful moments of prayer and worship, with Hinn praying for the president and his wife in a particularly touching display of faith and unity.

He also lamented instances where he himself delivered prophecies that later turned out to be inaccurate. “There were times when I thought God had shown me something, and I spoke it out. Sadly, I wish I could go back and correct it. There were some prophecies that were not accurate or from the Lord. For that, I ask people to forgive me. I am just human,” he added.