Nyota Ndogo cries after giving birth to a child whose colour does not resemble her mzungu husband

Singer Mwanaisha Abdalla, better known as Nyota Ndogo in the entertainment world, found herself under scrutiny on social media regarding her newborn son’s skin tone.

The renowned artist shared a touching photo of her new baby in February 2024, marking his arrival with joy. However, amidst the happiness, concerns arose regarding potential accusations of infidelity due to her child’s complexion.

Addressing the issue head-on, Nyota took to social media with a candid post, injecting humor into the situation while expressing her delight at her son’s birth. She acknowledged the possibility of unfounded rumors and jokingly attributed her son’s skin tone to his preference for inheriting his father’s silky hair. In her playful tone, she welcomed her child home, alluding to the anticipated gossip about her fidelity.

Despite her attempts to deflect criticism with humor, Nyota Ndogo later revealed her distress in a heartfelt update, confronting the hurtful comments from online followers. Expressing her bewilderment at online insults and the impact of trolling on individuals’ lives, she shared her hurt over accusations of infidelity aimed at her and her husband.

Nyota tearfully defended her relationship with her Danish husband, Henning Nielsen, which has faced scrutiny due to their noticeable age gap. Married since May 2016, the couple has weathered criticism, with Nyota boldly embracing their love despite societal judgment.

Born on January 3, 1981, Nyota Ndogo continues to stand by her relationship, openly displaying her affection for her husband, who recently celebrated his 60th birthday.