Why The Body Of The Late President Mwai Kibaki Was Laid On A white Surface and MOI’S on green

The body of the late President Mwai Kibaki arrived today at the Parliament buildings for public viewing. President Kenyatta and his deputy led the occasion before the public was allowed to pay their last respects to the fallen icon. However, the public noticed something different in how the third President was presented at the Parliament building.

Many people noticed that the body was laid on a white surface, unlike Mzee Moi’s on a green surface. The late President Mwai Kibaki was laid on a white surface, and the head rested on a white pillow covered with a white pillowcase. According to Grand Mullah Kaizer, when a president dies body must be laid in a color of his presidential standards


In simple terms, the body is laid on a surface representing the President’s flag color. For instance, Kibaki’s flag was white, while the late Mzee Moi’s flag was green. That is where he was laid on a green surface, as shown below.

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