Cutest Bodaboda Rider In Kenya, ‘Tizian’: How I Made Ksh.800,000 in 4 Mins On Tiktok live

King Tizian Savage has rapidly gained popularity as a prominent figure on Kenyan TikTok. This young man caught the attention of Kenyans earlier this year, being hailed as one of the most adorable Bodaboda riders in the country.

Despite having a TikTok account for only two months, King Tizian Savage has already amassed an impressive following of over 200,000 fans. His TikTok live sessions have proven to be lucrative, making him the most talented TikToker in Kenya.

In an interview with Mungai Eve TV, Tizian Savage revealed that on July 10, 2023, he participated in his first international competition. The event attracted more than 10,000 viewers, and he emerged victorious, earning a substantial amount of money.

Based on available information, Tizian received over 1.7 million coins from the competition. Providing a rough estimate, he mentioned that he made approximately Ksh.800,000 in just four minutes.

Tizian expressed his gratitude towards his generous supporters, who showered him with gifts during the competition. In a matter of minutes, he found himself on the verge of becoming a millionaire. Despite the life-changing impact TikTok has had on his life, Tizian remains humble and intends to save and utilize his earnings wisely, without indulging in unnecessary displays of wealth.