Is This Man From Meru Raila’s Blood Brother?

Jaramogi did not only introduce Raila into politics but also Mpuru Aburi, a Meru born leader who is time and again considered as “Raila Wa Meru”.

This is because of the close resemblance between Raila Odinga and Mpuru Aburi not only physically but also in their voices.

The former Tigania East MP, Mpuru Aburi is an MP at EALA currently and has been very vocal in terms of Meru politics as he enjoys the support of his lookalike, Raila Odinga.

When asked whether he is related to Raila in a previous interview by the Star Newspaper, Mpuri bragged that Jaramogi himself told him that he was his real son.

He went further to indicate of how Jaramogi gave him his first car after Jaramogi ordered Raila to take Mpuru from Meru to Bondo, Siaya County.

Raila Odinga has been very close to Mpuru Aburi who has been selling and popularizing him in Meru in all the Presidential elections campaigns.

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