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“Ni Mrembo kenya yote”: King Kaka Showers Wife Nana Owiti With Praise

Musician and rapper King Kaka has showered his wife, Nana Owiti, with praise amidst rumors of their alleged breakup.

King Kaka complimented Nana for her beauty and stylish outfit during the Monkey Business premiere, highlighting her amazing character.

During the launch of his film ‘Monkey Business,’ he addressed the speculations, assuring everyone that his family was doing well. Expressing his joy, he publicly praised his wife.

“She is a very lovely woman with a good heart. She is beautiful, did you see her outfit? Nana is an amazing woman,” he said, blowing kisses in the air.

King Kaka also emphasized that he had already addressed the rumors and urged bloggers to respect their privacy. He mentioned that his wife and children had attended the event.

“I addressed it. I posted a lot, and I just asked people to stop. My kids were here; they have a life to live. Regardless of what happens, we must respect the kids. Do you understand? My daughter will start wondering what’s going on and will hear things at school. So let’s stop,” he urged.

He also requested that people focus on the film, saying, “Today is not about family business; today is monkey business. Kenyans, please, stop trying to ruin something good.”