CUEA University Student Kills Himself After Losing Ksh.15,000 School Fees In A Sports Bet

A tragic incident unfolded on Wednesday in Raila village, Langata constituency, where a university student took his own life after losing his school fees to a betting scheme. Brian Ongwae, aged 22 and enrolled at the Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA), gambled Ksh. 15,000 – meant for his tuition – in hopes of securing additional funds. However, his aspirations were shattered when the bet failed to yield any returns.

According to witnesses, following the unsuccessful bet on Tuesday evening, Brian appeared visibly distressed throughout the day. Eventually, he secluded himself inside his residence, engaging in conversations with an unidentified individual. Concerned neighbors later visited his rented accommodation, only to be met with the harrowing sight of his lifeless body hanging from the rooftop.

George Mukuria, the area chief of Muguimoini, disclosed that law enforcement officials arrived at the scene on Wednesday evening. After conducting an initial assessment of the premises, they transported the deceased’s body to the City Mortuary for further examination.

Before taking his own life, Brian left a poignant note addressed to his mother, urging her to remain resilient in the face of adversity. Mukuria emphasized that the tragedy underscores the perils of excessive gambling, particularly among the youth. He implored young people to refrain from participating in such activities to prevent similar heartbreaking incidents from occurring in the future.