“Kama unaona unga imepanda bei kula chips” KRG lashes out at protesters -

“Kama unaona unga imepanda bei kula chips” KRG lashes out at protesters

In a recent interview with SPM Buzz, KRG the Don expressed his disapproval of the ongoing street protests by Kenyans against the soaring cost of living. He urged the participants in these demonstrations, who are frustrated with the rising prices and inflation, to reconsider their actions.

KRG pointed out that many protesters are using the increase in the price of ugali flour as a pretext for their grievances. He suggested that instead of solely relying on ugali, they should explore other food options to alleviate their concerns. According to him, protesting over such matters is unnecessary and bothersome to others who do not wish to engage in demonstrations.

“Unga imepanda, feelings, si mtafute ile poshomill bei rahisi ukae hapo. Kama unaona unga imepanda, kula chips, acha kusumbuka dunia hii. Ama tafuta kitu kingine, chakula ni mingi. Ongeza akili. Duniani ukitumia sana feelings utaumia sana roho,” he said.

KRG further explained that he chooses not to participate in protests because he believes they often lead to property damage and disrupt businesses. As an artist and businessman, he empathizes with the negative impact these protests have on the economy and the livelihoods of people, including his own.

“Mimi kama msanii nitakuwa nimesimama mahali ninaangalia tu kwa sababu mimi sitaki maandamano kwa sababu inaleta uharibifu wa mali, biashara za watu pia hazitafunguliwa, kuna watu wengine pia watalala njaa… ni watu wangapi unafikiri watalala njaa? Mimi nasema ni heri nifanye kazi ili nikule kuliko kulala njaa. Kama maisha imepanda tuongeze akili, tutafute pesa nyingi,” KRG stated.

As a businessman, KRG emphasized how he is adversely affected each time protests disrupt the normal flow of business activities. The closures and disruptions caused by protests result in significant losses for him and others in the business community.

To those participating in the protests, KRG conveyed a strong message of caution. He expressed his hope that they would not resort to violence, such as damaging other people’s businesses or harming innocent individuals during the demonstrations. He wished for a peaceful resolution to the issues being raised.

“Kama wewe unataka kwenda kuandamana kuchoma biashara za watu au kupiga mtoto wa watu mawe, naomba Mungu akubariki na wewe upate halafu siku nyingine mandamano yafanyike na wewe ufanyiwe hivyo usikue vile inauma,” he concluded.

In conclusion, KRG the Don, while acknowledging the concerns of those protesting, advocates for peaceful and constructive ways of addressing the high cost of living. He encourages unity and working together to find viable solutions that can benefit the entire community and economy.