“I Want Justice For My Son,” Jeff Mwathi’s Mother Pleads With Court

Hannah Mwathi, the mother of the late Jeff Mwathi, shared poignant details of her final exchanges with her son while he was with DJ Fatxo.

Before the tragic incident that claimed Jeff’s life, Hannah had earnestly warned him about the potential risks of associating with DJ Fatxo. Testifying during the inquiry into her son’s demise, Hannah disclosed that their last conversation before the fateful event revolved around her insistence for Jeff to return home. Nevertheless, Jeff remained adamant that Fatxo would be responsible for his transportation.

Hannah vividly recalled the conversations and voice notes she exchanged with her son during his time with the DJ. In the courtroom, a voice note she sent to Jeff, cautioning him about the dangers of certain company in Nairobi, was played. In the message, she urged him to make the prudent choice of going home alone instead of relying on Fatxo.

She stressed that, as a concerned parent, her sole aim was to alert her son to the potential hazards of the city, given her awareness of Nairobi’s numerous challenges. Their close relationship fostered an environment of openness and honesty, allowing Hannah to freely express her concerns to Jeff. Despite her counsel for him to head home, Jeff remained steadfast in his decision that DJ Fatxo would provide transportation.

Recounting the events of that fateful night, Hannah revealed that her last contact with her son occurred around 10 pm when he called out “Mum” before the call abruptly ended, leaving her unable to reconnect with him.

Expressing her belief that Jeff might have been seeking assistance during their final interaction, Hannah shared that Jeff had eagerly anticipated meeting DJ Fatxo and had even mentioned to her that he had dressed up for the occasion.

Furthermore, Hannah vehemently refuted claims suggesting that Jeff had taken his own life, asserting that he was in good spirits prior to the incident.

“Naomba hii koti inipatie justice ya mtoto wangu,” she emotionally pleaded, seeking justice for her son.