How Rich is Comedian Mulamwa? See His Investments and Businesses

Comedian Kendrick Oyando, also known as Mulamwa, may not have had success in his personal relationships, but in the realm of business and investments, he is thriving. In an interview with Churchil Show, Mulamwa revealed his impressive portfolio of investments, including boda bodas, real estate, and a record label.

Mulamwa has invested in 15 boda bodas in Trans Nzioia, with plans to add more. Not only is this bringing him a steady stream of income, but it is also providing employment opportunities for youth in his rural community. He estimates that these 15 motorcycles bring in around Sh4,500 per day or Sh135,000 per month.

In addition to his boda boda business, Mulamwa has plans to branch out into the hospitality industry with a Japanese business partner, and launch an entertainment label to support up-and-coming naturalists. He also recently celebrated the purchase of land and the construction of his first mansion.

Mulamwa’s record label, Mulamwa ENT, which he started 5 months ago, has signed a number of artists, including Vall Wambo and Ruth.

Despite starting out with little support and encouragement, Mulamwa has achieved significant success in a short amount of time. He estimates his net worth to be around KSh 4 million. He advises other comedians to invest while they are at their prime, as the entertainment industry can be unpredictable and constantly changing. Mulamwa joins a growing list of entertainers who have successfully ventured into entrepreneurship.