Bungoma Eating Competition: Wamalwa Wipes 2kg Of Ugali And 1Kg Of Omena In 35 Minutes,hilarious!

A man in his middle age, known as Wamalwa from Marakaru, Bungoma county, has recently made headlines for his incredible feat of consuming 2 kilograms of Ugali and 1 kilogram of omena within just 35 minutes. This eating competition takes place annually during the tea plantation period, where the hot meal is cooked in an open field and served to competitors after 45 minutes, while spectators watch.

Wamalwa emerged as the winner of the competition, earning himself free tree seeds and fertilizer to plant trees. Despite the shock and disbelief from onlookers, Wamalwa attributed his success to his talent in the field of eating and claimed that wiping out such a massive meal was not a daunting task for him. He expressed his willingness to participate in more eating competitions, as he thoroughly enjoys the activity.

Many people find Wamalwa’s achievement astounding, as consuming such a substantial amount of food is not an easy feat. However, Wamalwa seems to have a natural talent for eating and relishes the opportunity to participate in these competitions.

What are your thoughts on this story? Could you finish even half a kilogram of Ugali, let alone 2 kilograms?