“Hii Kitu Ni Moja, Hakuna Ya Vanilla Au Strawberry” Guardian Angel On Marrying A Second Wife

Gospel artist Guardian Angel has firmly decided against taking a second wife. During a recent interview with Digital Reporters, the renowned Rada hitmaker expressed his satisfaction with his current wife, Esther Musila. He emphasized that introducing another woman into his life would bring about hardship.

Guardian Angel explained that he cannot follow the example of biblical figures like David and Solomon, who had multiple wives, as their situations were guided by different divine grace. “They had different grace, mine can’t allow. Currently, handling just one can be challenging at times. Managing the responsibilities of one woman is no easy task, although I find joy in the process. Adding a second wife would, I believe, lead to suffering,” commented the step-father of three.

Citing his observations of the complexities of polygamous relationships, Guardian Angel adamantly stated that he does not wish to experience such troubles. He added that a man can thrive and find peace by sticking with one woman. Drawing from the lessons of his family history, where he witnessed the challenges faced by his grandfathers with two wives, he emphasized the importance of a man’s heart finding contentment and growth with a single partner. “I have seen my grandfathers with two wives and how their lives turned out; I wouldn’t want to put myself through that. A man’s heart can be at peace easily and grow more if he has one wife. There is no variety in this matter; it’s just one thing,” he concluded.

Esther Musila, Guardian Angel’s wife, also disclosed that she receives numerous advances from men in her direct messages. However, she asserted that she simply ignores them, deleting and blocking those who become too persistent. Despite the attention, she emphasized that there is no room for such interactions in her life. “They come, but you just ignore. Those that are extreme you just delete and block. Many of them, but there is no room for entertainment,” she stated.