Bishop Benny Hinn Apologizes for allowing And Accepting false prophecies in his ministry

Bishop Benny Hinn recently issued an apology for allowing false prophecies to proliferate within his ministry. Acknowledging his humanity, Hinn admitted to repeatedly making mistakes, underscoring that his role as a minister does not exempt him from imperfection. He highlighted his two biggest regrets: damaging his reputation and misleading his followers.

“I am a human being. I’ve made mistakes. We all make mistakes, and two things I regret most are that I was not too wise with prophecy.”

Hinn recounted an instance where he delivered a prophecy he believed to be true, only to realize later that he had misinterpreted it. He publicly asked for forgiveness, expressing deep remorse for his errors.

Benny Hinn’s Apology

Hinn recently found himself embroiled in controversy after a prophetic statement he made was proven false, leading to widespread criticism and disappointment among his followers.

“There were times when I thought God had shown me something, but he hadn’t, and I spoke it out, and I wish I could go back and fix it, sadly. There were some prophecies I gave out that were not accurate; those things went outside of redemption. Anything that’s out of redemption is not a prophecy.

And for that, I ask people to forgive me because I am just human, and I’ll probably make the same mistakes again down the road. Who knows, because I am not perfect. As long as we are in this imperfect body, we are not going to make perfect decisions, and it is also sad when people focus on times when you miss it but not when you are doing well.” Hinn stated.

This incident highlights the need for critical thinking and fact-checking, especially for public figures with significant influence. Despite the backlash, Hinn’s humility and accountability in addressing his mistakes might help him regain the trust of his audience. He advised the public to be cautious, emphasizing that true prophecy should always align with redemption.