” I Sell My Rosecoco Videos Ksh.300 To RICH Men, To Feed My Child” Flaqo’s Ex Tracy Says

Tracy, the former girlfriend of Flaqo, who gained widespread attention in early 2023 for publicly expressing regret over their breakup, has once again found herself at the center of online discussions.

In a recent revelation, Tracy, a single mother raising one child, disclosed that she has turned to selling explicit content on OnlyFans. During an interview with Plug TV, Tracy explained that life’s challenges and the struggle to find sustainable means led her to venture into the adult content industry.

Engaged in this business for about a year, Tracy shared that the income generated from her online endeavors is crucial for supporting her child and covering living expenses. She elaborated on her decision, citing health concerns that prevent her from taking on physically demanding jobs or engaging in street vending due to issues with her spine.

Tracy disclosed that her explicit content is priced at Ksh.300, varying based on the specific package offered. Despite earning from her OnlyFans activities, she expressed remorse for engaging in this line of work, revealing that she often records her videos while under the influence of alcohol and cannot create content when sober.

Tracy’s attempts to seek assistance from her affluent ex-boyfriend, Flaqo, have been met with repeated disappointment. She lamented that Flaqo, a content creator, has consistently ignored her messages, displaying an apparent unwillingness to provide support. Tracy tearfully detailed her sense of helplessness in the face of Flaqo’s indifference.

In a plea to the Kenyan public, Tracy humbly requested assistance in establishing a legitimate business. She hopes that with such support, she can secure a stable income to provide for her child and herself. Tracy emphasized her desire to leave behind her current occupation, expressing dissatisfaction with the path she has been forced to take.