Man, 84 years, who returned home after 47 years disappointed that his wives remarried

Peter Oyuka, a resident of Makale village, was left disheartened upon discovering that his two wives had remarried during his 47-year absence from home.

The 84-year-old man, who vanished in 1974 at the age of 37, returned home recently, expressing disappointment that his wives had not waited for him, but rather had moved on with other men.

Oyuka, who had spent part of those 47 years in Tanzania where he formed a relationship with another woman and had a child, expressed his wish that his wives had been present to welcome him back. He urged them to make time to visit him, despite their new marital statuses.

While acknowledging his disappointment, Oyuka also stated that he respected the decisions of his estranged wives. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but express his disappointment that they had not remained faithful to him throughout his absence.

The news of Oyuka’s return and his wives’ remarriages sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans. Some sympathized with Oyuka, criticizing his wives for their impatience, while others found humor in the situation, joking about the endurance and resilience of men and the swift actions of the wives.

Regardless of the varied reactions, Oyuka’s story highlights the complexities of relationships and the unexpected turns life can take over time.