“Bahati Wa Barua Before Marua” Fans claim Marrying Diana Killed Bahati’s Music Career

Bahati’s music career skyrocketed after he released his debut hit single “Mama,” which quickly became a national sensation due to its heartfelt lyrics and emotional delivery that resonated with audiences across Kenya. With his unique style and soulful voice, Bahati became one of the country’s most popular and beloved musicians almost overnight.

However, Bahati left the gospel music industry due to personal reasons. In an interview with a local media platform, he cited a lack of support from his colleagues in the industry and a desire to explore different musical genres. He also expressed his frustration with the commercialization of the industry and what he perceived as a lack of authenticity in gospel music.

Despite leaving gospel music, Bahati continues to produce music and has ventured into secular music. However, some fans feel that his music career has taken a nosedive since marrying Diana Marua.

Bahati and Diana Marua have been open about their marriage, sharing their love story and journey on social media platforms, and being vocal about the challenges they face as a couple, including criticism from some fans about their age difference and past relationships. Nevertheless, they remain committed to each other and their family, sharing their love story and journey with their fans.

Recently, Bahati took to his Instagram page to ask his followers if he should return to his initial singing style, saying, “Do you really want more of this former Bahati or the current Bahati? 😊 #Barua.”