Krg the Don: Eric Omondi Anapenda Wanawake Sana, He ‘SMASHES’ Ladies in Kilimani .

Krg the Don, a well-known and wealthy musician in Kenya, has decided to shed light on the controversial actions of Eric Omondi, a self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa. Omondi has been known for publicly attacking other celebrities and exposing them in various ways.

Recently, Omondi attacked gospel artists, claiming that they were immoral and slept with young university women in an apartment in Umoja. Krg the Don spoke out against Omondi in an interview with Vincent Mboya, stating that he believed Omondi was among the most immoral celebrities in Kenya. Krg claimed that Omondi had a love for women and alleged that the comedian had been sleeping with women in Kilimani.

Krg is not the first person to make these allegations against Omondi. Stylist Melina Gold also accused Omondi of loving women and being unable to sleep alone during their online feud a year ago.

Krg urged Kenyans to focus on listening to serious people and doing things that are beneficial to them, rather than paying attention to what Omondi says. He also asserted that he could not be compared to Omondi because he is wealthier than him.