We Omosh Wacha! Ofweneke Forced To Stop Akothee’s Husband From Dancing With Karen Nyamu.

Akothee’s extravagant wedding will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most impressive weddings organized by a Kenyan musician. Among the attendees was Karen Nyamu, who added a lighthearted moment to the celebration by dancing on stage with Omosh and Akothee.

During the gift-giving ceremony, Karen Nyamu was among the politicians who presented special gifts to Akothee and Omosh. She took to the stage and began grooving to the music, swaying her hips. The atmosphere was electric, and Akothee’s husband joined her and Akothee on stage.

As they danced, Omosh held onto Akothee’s waist and also Karen Nyamu’s waist, a common practice at such events. However, the MC of the day, Dr. Ofweneke, was forced to interrupt the music and stop Omosh from holding Karen Nyamu’s waist. Although he did so jokingly, he likely had a more significant message to convey.

Karen Nyamu proceeded to give a brief speech congratulating Akothee and Omosh, and complimented Omosh’s charming smile. She also presented the couple with a special gift, which she joked was for bedroom use.