Juma Jux admits to being deeply hurt when his Ex Vanessa Mdee was impregnated by Rotimi.

Renowned Bongo R’n’B artist, Juma Jux, recently revealed his heartfelt emotions upon discovering that his former girlfriend, Vanessa Mdee, was expecting her first child with her current partner, Olurotimi Akinosho, known as Rotimi, in September 2021.

Jux was in the midst of performing his song ‘Sina Neno,’ a composition he had released over two years ago, when he chose to express his feelings. He disclosed how the news had impacted him while singing the lyrics.

As he belted out the lines, the fans in attendance couldn’t help but wonder if Vanessa’s new journey into motherhood with another man had left him wounded. Without hesitation, Jux candidly acknowledged the deep hurt he had experienced, stating, “Niliumia. Sio mchezo niliumia kweli. Watoto wa hii town wana balaa kweli. Wakati huo niliumia sio mchezo” (I was hurt. It was no joke. The children in this town can be quite a handful. I was genuinely hurt during that time).

Vanessa Mdee, who had been in a relationship with Jux for approximately six years before their breakup in 2019, welcomed her first child with Nigerian-American actor and singer Rotimi in September 2021, after a year of dating.

Shortly after Vanessa Mdee’s pregnancy announcement, Jux released a song to extend his congratulations. In his song ‘Sina Neno,’ Jux assured Vanessa that he held no grudges, as he had moved beyond their past. He expressed his happiness at seeing Vanessa thriving in her current relationship with actor Rotimi and offered his warm congratulations as she approached motherhood.

“Naona wameremeta, ngozi imenawili una furaha now, Kitanda hakina siri, zao la tendo una kitumbo wow, Mnapendeza sana na penzi liko kasi kasi Mkipostiana, Instagram status” (I see you’ve blossomed, your skin is glowing, you’re happy now, There are no secrets in bed, your love is passionate, You both look amazing, love is swift, Your Instagram status reveals it all), Jux sang in the song.

The artist emphasized that he harbored no animosity toward Vanessa and conveyed his best wishes for her and her partner. He advised the couple to be patient with each other and avoid quarrels to ensure their child’s well-being.

“Najua una furaha kwa zawadi uliyopata. Tena ulivyo shujaa, mtoto mama amepata. Na nyie msije gombana, mtoto asije akapata kash kash. Uzuri kuvumiliana, matatizo mkadiscuss. Tulishafunika kurasa, mambo ya zamani yalishapita. Maisha mengine sasa, kuwa na amani hakuna vita. Sikuchukii nakuombea, Maisha mema ya furaha, Mungu awaonyeshe njia. Siumii, nimezoea, ila nina furaha kuiona familia. Niko salama, Mimi sina neno” (I know you’re happy with the gift you’ve received. And you’re a hero, the mother has received a child. Don’t let disagreements arise, so the child doesn’t face any issues. The beauty is in tolerating each other, discussing problems. We’ve closed the old chapters, the past is gone. Life is different now, may you have a peaceful life with no battles. I don’t hold grudges, I pray for you, For a life full of happiness, may God show you the way. I’m not hurt, I’ve adapted, and I’m happy to see the family. I’m at peace, I have no complaints),” Jux sang.

Juma Jux and Vanessa ended their relationship in 2019 after several years of being together.