“Babangu ni Mlevi Chakari,” Yesu Wa Tongaren Daughter “Deborah Wekesa” exposes His Father

Deborah Wekesa, the eldest daughter of the self-proclaimed Jesus of Tongaren, has stirred up a range of emotions with her recent candid revelations about her father and the reasons why she, her brother, and her mother no longer reside with him. The story of Jesus of Tongaren, who gained notoriety in Bungoma, has circulated widely online, with a wealth of information now accessible to the public. Contrary to popular belief, his actual name is Eliud Wekesa, and he is a married man.

In her disclosure, Deborah identified herself as Jesus of Tongaren’s firstborn daughter and recounted the earlier days when her father grappled with a serious alcohol addiction. She disclosed how her father used to squander money on a locally produced illicit brew, commonly referred to as ‘Chang’aa.’ Additionally, she revealed that he had a history of violence, particularly when under the influence of alcohol, and he frequently subjected her mother, Teresia, who is his first wife, to physical abuse. Their family life was marred by this behavior and his negative traits.

The turning point came when Jesus of Tongaren, one day, sold the family bull and used the proceeds to purchase a substantial quantity of ‘Chang’aa.’ Consuming five liters of this brew alone, he awoke the following day in a state of confusion, having forgotten everything, and subsequently, he expelled his family from their home.

“Father sold our bull for nearly Ksh. 80,000 and indulged in his usual drinking habits, purchasing five liters of Chang’aa, which he consumed all by himself. The next day, he woke up in a daze, having forgotten everything and chased us away,” Deborah emotionally narrated.

Following their expulsion by Jesus of Tongaren, their uncle, who resides in Nairobi, came to their rescue. Deborah, her brother Erastus, and their mother had to face the challenges of life in the city. Life wasn’t easy, but through good fortune, they secured jobs at the City Mortuary. Deborah works as a chef at the morgue, while Erastus serves as a watchman. She admitted missing her father’s love but strongly disapproved of his current actions.

Courageously, Deborah asserted that Jesus of Tongaren is not the real Jesus and that he is merely leading people astray. She attributed his alcoholism to his loss of self-identity and encouraged the residents of Bungoma and his followers to break free from his influence and serve the true living God instead.

Their journey has been challenging, but their determination to overcome obstacles has led them to new opportunities in the city. Deborah, working as a chef at the morgue, and Erastus, employed as a watchman, have found a way to make ends meet. Deborah expressed her longing for her father’s love but also voiced her disapproval of his current actions.

Bravely, she declared that Jesus of Tongaren is not the genuine Jesus and is, in fact, misleading people. She attributed his amnesia to his excessive alcohol consumption, urging the residents of Bungoma and all his followers to resist his manipulation and instead seek to serve the one true living God.