Kelvin Kinuthia Talks on being Gay

Kelvin Karanja Kinuthia, also known as Kinuthia, found themselves confronted with a rather contentious question when a fan inquired about their sexual orientation and gender identity.

This particular fan, reaching out on Instagram, was curious about Kinuthia’s sexual orientation, given their penchant for creating crossdressing skits that were regularly shared on TikTok. The fan straightforwardly asked, “Are you gay?” Kinuthia responded with a cryptic and playful message that seemed to suggest they had encountered such questions before, saying, “Huyu bado anauliza heeh, Huyu nikama nikama ako enzi za early man” (This one is still asking, it’s as if they are from the time of early man).

Another fan also posed a question, wondering whether Kinuthia might be intersex or if they were simply crossdressing for branding purposes. In response, Kinuthia replied with a question of their own, playfully asking what “intersex” meant, adding, “Are you an intersex or just dress that way for the brand?” When the fan inquired about intersex, Kinuthia humorously replied, “Sasa intersex ndio nini” (So, what is intersex).

These questions regarding Kinuthia’s sexual orientation have not been uncommon, with Kenyans raising them since the TikTok sensation rose to fame in 2021. Kinuthia gained notoriety amid allegations that they had swindled a man out of Ksh 344,000, money that was intended for transportation fare after Kinuthia pretended to be a woman.

Last year, at the age of 22, Kinuthia maintained their identity as a man. During an interview with Mungai Eve, they explained that their female appearance was primarily for entertainment and work purposes. Kinuthia emphasized that they had not rejected their male gender identity but expressed their intention to continue posting crossdressing videos as a woman.

Additionally, Kinuthia acknowledged that presenting as a woman had opened up opportunities for them to endorse women’s clothing and makeup. They also disclosed their plans to start a family in the near future.