Meet Kenyan Architects Behind CBK Pension Powers, the Best Skycraper in Nairobi CBD -

Meet Kenyan Architects Behind CBK Pension Powers, the Best Skycraper in Nairobi CBD

Nestled prominently within the bustling heart of Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) stands the striking Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Pension Towers, a contemporary edifice soaring 27 stories into the sky. This architectural marvel, unveiled in May 2022, distinguishes itself through the presence of two elegant glass towers enveloping its central core.

Despite speculations following its completion that it might have been the product of foreign craftsmanship, it is noteworthy that this magnificent structure was conceived and crafted entirely by a Kenyan team. The driving force behind this architectural masterpiece was Arprim Consultants, a duly registered architectural firm in Kenya. The helm of this enterprise is steered by Principal Architects Joseph K Maina and Jared Momanyi, ably assisted by their associates, Moses Okemwa and Alfred Mumo.

Illustrations of the CBK Towers as envisioned by Arprim Consultants were shared on their website, and it’s commendable that they faithfully translated their vision into the physical realm.

In addition to the iconic CBK Towers, Arprim Consultants boasts an impressive portfolio of other notable projects. Their repertoire includes the Kenya School of Monetary Studies hostels, COMESA offices, Kenya Women Finance Trust banking hall, Faulu Kenya branches spanning the nation, the Kenya Wildlife Service cottage, along with various apartments and guesthouses throughout the country, exemplified by the esteemed Muthaiga Heights in Nairobi.

The distinctive design of this edifice earned it recognition in China as one of the standout architectural wonders in Africa. During the grand inauguration of the building, former President Uhuru Kenyatta heaped praise upon the architects for their role in bringing this spectacular vision to life. He also commended the CBK Pension Scheme for its trust in Kenyan talent to execute this monumental project. In his own words, “This building is the epitome of modernity in the CBD and Nairobi today. I am delighted to announce that Kenyans possess the creativity and capability to design such an iconic structure, which has garnered international acclaim, even earning recognition in China as one of the most cutting-edge buildings in Africa.”

Furthermore, the Chairman of the CBK Pension Fund Board of Trustees, Dominic Mwenja, elucidated the symbolic significance of the building’s unique design. He emphasized how it represents the nation’s commitment to ensuring that retired citizens enjoy the fruits of the country’s pension scheme, underscoring, “This building stands as a testament to how we cherish our retirees. They have devoted their prime years to our nation, and it is our solemn duty to ensure their comfort during their golden years.”