Yesu wa Tongaren: I’M poor, my only wealth is hair and Beards

The individual known as Eliud Wekesa, who goes by the name Yesu wa Tongaren and claims to be the self-proclaimed messiah, has refuted the common assumption that he is wealthy.

Yesu, a controversial preacher leading the New Jerusalem Church, stated that his church members do not contribute substantial amounts of money. According to him, on a good Sabbath, the collection ranges between KSh 500 and KSh 700.

During an interview on NTV’s Gumzo La Sato, Yesu explained that when the police investigated his house, they only found KSh 250. He emphasized that his treasures lie in his hair and beard.

“I am not wealthy. The offerings from my church amount to only KSh 500 to KSh 700. When I was arrested, a search of my house yielded only KSh 250, along with six tomatoes and four onions,” Yesu clarified.

Following five days of detention, Yesu was unconditionally released on Tuesday, May 16. He had been suspected of leading a religious cult in Tongaren, posing as Jesus Christ, preaching radical ideas, promoting money laundering, and being involved in illicit financial activities.

Upon his release, the self-proclaimed son of God expressed gratitude towards the officers, stating that he was treated well during his time in detention.

“I cannot deny that the officers treated me poorly. I have prayed for them and their future generations,” Yesu affirmed.

Yesu Wa Tongaren requests gifts from journalists

In a recent development, Yesu wa Tongaren requested journalists to show their appreciation for him through gifts. He believes that journalists earn substantial sums of money from the interviews they conduct with him regularly.

According to Yesu, numerous people have informed him about the significant profits journalists have made from their engagements with him. However, he expressed disappointment at the lack of reciprocity in basic gestures, such as offering him even a simple soda.

“Wanahabari, sitahofia kuongea hili (Journalists, I won’t hesitate to speak about this). Many have told me that you have become very wealthy. But even when you come to my home, you don’t even offer me a soda,” he expressed.

He added, “Let me make it clear. It is extremely difficult for people to offer even a thousand shillings to Yesu. But I keep hearing people wonder why they haven’t given me anything.”

Nonetheless, Yesu explained that he doesn’t dwell on these matters as his mission hasn’t been an easy one.

“These things exist. However, I don’t focus on them because this work hasn’t come easily,” he acknowledged.

He recounted instances where others labeled him as crazy and sick, admitting that there may be some truth to those descriptions.

“Some called me mad and sick, and I accept that,” he confessed.