Fred’s Ranch School Of Hospitality: The Multimillion College Owned By Citizen’s Uncle Fred Obachi Machoka

The Fred’s Ranch brand encompasses the Fred’s Ranch School of Hospitality, an esteemed educational institution devoted to preparing individuals for careers in the hospitality sector. The school offers training for aspiring professionals looking to enter the hotel industry, as well as those who are already employed in the field.

Distinguished faculty members at the college are carefully selected from renowned five-star establishments both nationally and internationally, including small and medium-sized businesses. This ensures that students gain exposure to global best practices as well as regional specialties, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Students at Fred’s Ranch School of Hospitality benefit from a hands-on approach to learning. They have the opportunity to explore various restaurants, hotels, and attractions across the country, enabling them to grasp the full scope of the tourism industry.

The school offers several courses designed to cater to different interests and career goals. For instance, a Diploma in Food Production is attainable within two years, with a semester fee of Ksh55,000. Admission to this program requires a minimum of a D+ grade on the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam.

Similarly, a Diploma in Food and Beverage Service Sales can be completed in two years, with a semester cost of Ksh55,000. The prerequisite for this course is an average KCSE mark of D+.

A Diploma in Front Office Management is also available, requiring two years of study and a semester fee of Ksh50,000. Applicants must possess a KCSE average of at least C- to be eligible.

Furthermore, the school offers a four-year Certificate in Food Production at a cost of Ksh50,000 per semester, with a minimum KCSE grade requirement of D+.

For those looking for a shorter program, a Certificate in Food and Beverage Service Sales can be obtained within one year, with a semester fee of Ksh50,000. A minimum D+ grade on the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education is necessary for admission.

Additionally, each student is required to pay a one-time, refundable registration fee of Ksh1,000 and a safety fee of Ksh2,000. These fees contribute to the overall learning experience at Fred’s Ranch School of Hospitality.

Owned by Uncle Fred Obachi Machoka, the school provides students with a firsthand opportunity to learn and practice their skills on-site. Students have the advantage of flexible class schedules, enabling professionals with full-time jobs to enhance their education conveniently.

The school’s website highlights that individuals working as Barmen, Waiters, Chefs, Housekeepers, and Supervisors can benefit from the offered courses. The faculty has tailored dynamic learning schedules to accommodate their working hours.

Throughout the semester, students undergo Continuous Assessment Tests (C.A.T.s) to assess their progress. Additionally, a final exam is mandatory for students to obtain City & Guilds certification upon completion of each course.

To provide a well-rounded learning experience, Fred’s Ranch School of Hospitality organizes an overnight industry tour outside of Nairobi City for students every semester. Moreover, the school arranges for industry professionals to visit as guest speakers twice a month, acting as mentors to inspire and guide the students.

Managing the organization is Victor Keari Machoka, nephew of Uncle Fred Obachi Machoka. Victor, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Tourism Management, possesses extensive experience of over 15 years in the hospitality industry. Currently, he is pursuing a Master’s degree in International Relations, further enriching his knowledge and expertise.